My name is Satyaraja Dasara. You can call me Satya (pronounced: suhth-yaa).

I am a data scientist with M.S. in Data Science from IU Bloomington. I have had two data science internships at startups which allowed me to work in a high paced environment on computer vision, quantitative analysis and natural language processing projects. I have mostly worked in small teams with minimal supervision satisfying the clients’ demands and delivering projects on time. I consider myself as a self-sufficient worker who can learn new technologies and concepts while simultaneously working at the highest standard. I believe my inquisitiveness and analytical mindset makes me an immediate contributor for my employer. I am also an avid reader of research papers and technical articles. My interests are primarily data and AI related. Apart from work my hobbies include sketching and watching MMA.

πŸ” Searching for Full-Time positions!

πŸ’Ό Data Scientist | ML Engineer

πŸ›  My F1 OPT work permit starts June 22nd 2020. I’m STEM extension eligible.

πŸŽ“ M.S. in Data Science, IU Bloomington β€˜18-β€˜20

πŸŽ“ B.E. in Computer Science, R.V. College of Engineering β€˜13-β€˜17

πŸ’— Data Wrangling, Python, Statistics, Computer Vision